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What you get

  • Hands-On Projects

    Engineering Project

    Put science to work and build something amazing

  • Creative Learning

    Hands-On Creativity

    High-quality materials and detailed step-by-step instructions

  • Maker's Guide

    Maker's Guide

    Explore the science and technology behind the design

  • Explore more

    Design Challenge

    Get inspired and develop creative problem-solving skills

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Eureka Crate

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Why Eureka Crate?

Designed by experts.

Tested by kids!

Take it from the experts!
  • Convenient

    Everything needed to build, explore, and learn—delivered.

  • Creative

    Engineer solutions to real-world problems and build problem-solving skills.

  • Inspiring

    Explore how science, technology, and engineering shape our world.

  • Functional

    Create real, functional objects that you’ll love to use every day.

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Awards and Press

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