At KiwiCo, we design award-winning, hands-on STEM kits for kids ages 3-16+. We deliver them by mail and call them crates. Each crate explores a new concept in science, technology, or engineering in a fresh way that's seriously fun & profoundly enriching. We take big ideas and make them accessible and fun for kids of all ages!

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Best Science Kits for Ages 14+

KiwiCo offers awesome subscriptions and projects that explore all types of STEAM topics. Every project includes all the materials needed, easy to follow step-by-step instructions and explanations of how everything works.

  • Eureka Crate

    Put science to work and engineer something new and amazing every month.

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  • Chemistry Pack

    Ignite a passion for science with these complete chemistry lab kits!

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  • Electronics Pack

    Three advanced electronics projects designed to teach, engage, and inspire kids and teens!

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Best Science Kits for Ages 9-13+

Tinker Crate develops kids' natural creativity and curiosity using STEM ("Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math") principles while saving time for busy parents. Our mission is to help kids use STEM as a key to creative problem solving, a foundation for critical thinking, and a pipeline to innovation. Your monthly crate includes all the materials and inspiration for science and engineering projects such as: trebuchet, paper circuits and zoetrope.

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Best Science Kits for Ages 5-8

Kids ages 5-8 are at a crucial time in their understanding of science, math, and engineering. They're old enough to grasp how big ideas like the solar system and flight, things that perhaps once seemed magical, have scientific properties that allow us to explore outer space and build rocket ships. Kiwi Crate allows children in 1st, 2nd, and 3rd grade to begin a hands-on discovery of physics, chemistry, biology, and more, with fun projects that they can assemble themselves.

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Best Science Kits for Ages 3-4

Koala Crate is our line of science kits for kids ages 3-4. Introducing science and math to preschoolers may seem early, but in fact, it is crucial to building a strong foundation in STEM — science, technology, engineering, and math. Our crates introduce young learners to concepts like physics — through the science of rainbows — and biology — through learning about animals like reptiles and marine life.

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  • Music & Rhythm

    Make a xylophone and write your own music. Play some jingles on your own koala-shaped tambourine. Decorate your dancing streamer for movement fun.

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  • Dinosaurs

    Make a dinosaur costume, create clay fossils, play a footprint matching game.

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  • Numbers

    Make your own playdough, then shape it into balls and roll it out into ropes to practice counting and measuring.

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More Science and Art Kits from KiwiCo

What Sets Our Crates Apart From Typical Science Kits For Kids?

  1. We deliver carefully engineered components along with clear instructions and inspiration.

    Carefully engineered components!
  2. We ensure that the projects are multi-dimensional with lots of possibilities for kids to tinker and explore.

    Tinker and explore!
  3. Every crate is tested rigorously by our experts and lots of kids.

    Tested rigorously!
  4. Our projects are enriching, accessible, and fun for kids of all ages.

    Enriching, accessible, and fun!

Each of our crates presents kids with a multi-faceted experience that can last for hours, or even days! Our crates include a magazine with additional science experiments and activities, and lots of rich content to dig deeper into the theme. We also provide online resources and video content for every project, all designed to allow kids to explore further.

Progress with Process

Science subscription boxes can give young learners the tools they need to explore, experiment, and discover the wonders of science. Introducing new science skills each month through fun projects can transform curious individuals into engaged scientists, all while they’re having fun. With a new interactive experience each month, you can have your kids looking forward to learning like they never have before. KiwiCo’s monthly science kits for kids can inspire a lifelong interest in STEAM that opens doors for creativity and innovation.

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