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Ages 9+
Ages 9+

Animation Machine


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Get animated with a moving-picture machine that you build yourself, and turn still images into amazing animations! Discover the tricks of perception that allow your brain to “see” motion when looking at rapidly-shifting stills. Explore the clever camera tricks that make classic animated films so lively, then create scenes using an optical illusion called a moiré pattern. When the movement hits your eye, that’s a-moiré!

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A Harjo
Jun 10 2021

We purchased 3 month subscriptions for 400 students that signed up for our virtual summer program. The Animation Machine was the first month's activity, and our students LOVED it! They can't wait to get their next box!

May 5 2021

It is wonderful

Carol Robinson
Apr 5 2021

The instructions were easy to follow and William was really excited when he finished and saw how it worked.