Ages 9+
Ages 9+

Robot Sewable Circuit


What you get

Explore wearable technology, conductivity, and the science of sewable circuits! Sew up a soft, flexible circuit using conductive thread, add LEDs, then craft a robot keychain whose eyes light up when you touch its hand to its belly. Ready to glow?

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8 reviews

Sep 23 2020

The instructions were easy to follow. My nine year old needed my help to sew the conduit string tightly to secure the robot’s light up eyes, but otherwise she was able to put the rest of this cute little robot together by herself. This is a great project.

Jul 23 2020

Completing the circuit is always really cool, but even adults are genuinely amazed when my kids show off their robots. The sewing on the outside is somewhat difficult because the needle is big and the felt isn’t super easy to get through, so I helped them a lot with that part, but the science part they did on their own with just some help with making sure they followed all the directions. It is a really great project at a really great price. We were a tiny bit short on the conductive thread (coolest thread EVER!), but I sent kiwico an email, and they sent out more right away. Really, really love this project and the boys still love their robots! Thinking about buying more kits as gifts for family and friends, because they are just so cool.

Feb 18 2020

My 9 year old loved it!