3 Amazing Edible Experiments for the Holidays

Edible Experiment: Peppermint Meringue

Now you can combine holiday cooking with STEM learning with these delicious recipes adapted from the book Amazing (Mostly) Edible Experiments by Andrew Schloss published by Quarry Books. Simple to make, with easy teachable moments, these festive dishes bring kitchen science into the season. Make them with your friends and family for more holiday fun!

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5 Last-Minute Christmas Decorations Kids Can Make

Last-Minute Holiday Decorations: Felt Christmas Tree

Whether you just remembered that Christmas is coming — or trimmed the tree back in October — you can never have too many Christmas decorations! And never fear, there’s still plenty of time to make these short-and-sweet projects. Heat up some cocoa, crank up your favorite Christmas tunes, and deck the halls with these fun crafts!

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DIY Snowman Ornaments | Recycled Crafts for Kids

DIY Snowman Ornaments: Completed Bottlecaps

Don’t feel like you need to wait for snowfall to start working on homemade holiday decorations. Especially if you reside where snowfall is more an aesthetic than actual precipitation, these snowman ornaments will have home & hearth starting to look a lot like the holidays. Channel pre-Winter Break energy into finding reclaimed materials for these kid friendly craft projects. Objects from the recycling bin, garage, and basement plus some paint and ribbons are easily transformed into “jolly happy souls” that add magic to holiday decorating. 

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9 Creative Holiday Traditions from Around the World

It’s the most creative time of the year! All over the world, friends and family gather to make wonderful things for the holidays. Whether it’s painting ornaments to hang on the tree, twining wreaths to decorate the house, baking cookies for holiday swaps, beading necklaces for Kwanzaa, or dipping Hanukkah candles,  handcrafting treasures together is the best kind of celebration.

To celebrate the season, we explored the globe in search of delightful and creative hand-made traditions to share with you.   Here are a few of our favorites:

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5 Easy DIY Wrapping Paper Ideas

This year, our family was inspired to make our own wrapping paper for all our Christmas presents. It seemed silly to buy some when we already had yards and yards of kraft paper in our art supply closet just waiting to be turned into festive gift wrap. I love the natural handmade look, and my kids are so proud to give presents they wrapped themselves! Below, I put together a list of 5 awesome DIY wrapping paper ideas, many from the KiwiCo community. Enjoy!

Lego Wrapping Paper DIY - Header

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6 Awesome Techniques for Building Cool Snowmen

Photo Credit: Frankie Frankeny

All over the world, people have turned bad weather into great sculpture–from the igloos of Alaska to the Ice Palace in Finland and the mega-snowman in Bethel Maine. If you’ve got snow, chances are you got snowmen!  In fact, snow is a great medium; a brilliant, white, three- dimentional canvas with infinite sculpting possibitites. And it’s free! With just a few tools and some physical exertion, you can create a winter wonderland full of creatures, buildings, planets and more–from simple to spectacuiar.

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8 Ways to Encourage STEM Thinking into the Holidays

Celebrate the holidays with awesome holiday projects that encourage STEM thinking! Just because the kids are off from school doesn’t mean that learning has to stop.  Seasonal festivities provide ample opportunity for both curiosity and creativity. You can introduce your child to STEM topics by incorporating science, technology, engineering, and math into holiday activitites that are seriously fun!

Whether it’s the wonders of weather, the lifecyle of plants, or general problem-solving, all you need to do is encourage your kids to be observant and ask questions about the world around them.

Here are some fun and easy ways to encourage STEM thinking with your family during the holidays:

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Holiday Science Experiments and Activities

Holiday Science Experiments - Header

The holidays are the most magical time of year. That effervescent feeling of possibility isn’t just because of Santa coming down the chimney, the lighting of the menorah, and school vacation. Spending time together as a family creates lasting holiday memories. This year, incorporate holiday science experiments into your traditions with some awesome activities that both kids and adults will enjoy.

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