Kiwi Camp: Day 1

Awesome Arcades

The Amazing Science of Arcade Games

Find out how arcade engineers use science to make games more fun!

Get gamin’ — with science! Explore pinball and other arcade games and discover how physics and engineering come into play. Then score big with a set of DIY beanbag games and paper-based penny arcade games.


Arcade Adventures

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Beanbag Toss Games

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Cut-Out Coin Sandwiches

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Penny Arcade

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Color by Numbers Game

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Meet the Kid Whose Cardboard Arcade Became Famous

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STEAM Challenge

Create an At-Home Arcade

Kiwi Camp counselor Andy is challenging you to channel your inner arcade engineer and build epic games with materials from around your house!

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Added fun

Check out more projects from KiwiCo to supplement the activities for today!

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