Kiwi Camp: Day 4

Lift off with Launchers

How do Launchers Work?

From cannons to catapults, investgate how launchers make objects lift off!

Explore cannons, catapults, and other mechanical launchers — and see kinetic energy in action! Build your own launching machines, then ramp up your energy with some homemade oatmeal balls.


Carnival Cannons

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Craft-Stick Catapult

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Marshmallow Shooter

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Oatmeal Energy Balls

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Castles and Catapults Shape Art

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STEAM Challenge

Build a Castle to Attack with a Launcher

Kiwi Camp counselor Linda is challenging you to build your own castle. Can you make it strong enough to survive an attack?

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Added fun

Check out more projects from KiwiCo to supplement the activities for today!

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